Privacy Statement

Your use of our online resources may result in DeLong Air, Inc. collecting information about you. Your privacy and its protection are of utmost importance to our entire team. Therefore, this policy has been established to communicate with you our commitment to your privacy as well as how your information will by used by our team.

Data Collection

When you use DeLong Air, Inc.’s online resources, information may be collected in 3 different ways:

Web Site Traffic – Web site traffic is collected by our web server. It tells us where individuals go on our site, which pages are most popular, how much time users spend in certain sections, etc. It helps us to analyze the effectiveness of our web-site and guides us in making it a better resource for you.

Cookies – Cookies allow web sites to maintain personal information and/or online history on an individual’s computer. This information, when read by a web server, allows the site to be customized to every user. At this time DeLong Air, Inc.’s web site uses cookies to facilitate login. These cookies do not collect information about the user or computer that is accessing our site. The cookie information is not collected by the web server.

Request For Information – An individual can request information from our team by navigating to the appropriate page and entering the personal information requested. In doing so, the user recognizes they are doing so voluntarily. The information collection falls into two categories: That which is required to be certain the information can properly get to the requester, and that which is voluntary and meant to assist the DeLong Air, Inc.’s team with the task of delivering an appropriate response to the requester. We do not knowingly collect information from children. All requests for information are assumed to be from adults. If we determine that any information has been collected from children, we will do our best to purge it immediately.