See what your friends and neighbors are saying about us. We are proud to boast that over 95% of our installations are from referrals from happy, satisfied customers. We work hard to gain and keep your faith in us and have for the last 30 years.

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“Ted is very knowledgeable about heating and air conditioning. He strives to do what is best for your situation both effectively and cost efficiently. He understands and is knowledgeable about utility efficiency trends and how they can save you money. I highly recommend DeLong Air Inc.”

Beth Bertemes
South Charleston, Ohio

“Very professional. Thanks to the two gentlemen who worked over time to complete a “2 day” project in one day. You more than met our expectations. Thank you for a job well done.”

Fred & Becky Hoffs
Fairborn, Ohio

“I have utitlized Ted DeLong’s services at both my home and commercial business for over 15 years. He has always provided outstanding installation, service and efficiency strategies. With Ted’s expertise and knowledge of energy efficient systems, our savings go straight to the bottom line.”

Alisha Sweet
Sweet Manufacturing

“We were very pleased with the young man that put our HVAC in – they looked very nice. Someone you could trust in your house – In fact the first day I met them we had to go away and left the house for them to close up – because I really trusted them. Thanks.”

Don & Joyce Wilson
London, Ohio